Product Simple Description

(1) Technology Principle

The items of this reagent are amino acid metabolites containing phenol nuclear – single hydroxyl phenolic metabolites (tyrosine and its metabolic derivatives, tryptophan and its metabolic derivatives) in urine. It is an improved and innovated mean based on the principle of the Millon reagent. Millon reagent reacts with phenol to form red sediments, and the shade of color is directly proportional to the concentration of phenol. By colorimetric method, this reagent determines the concentration level of single hydroxyl phenolic metabolites in urine, allowing a visual detection data. The schematic reaction principle is as follows:


(2) Source and Preparation Method of Main Raw Materials

The main raw materials include Mercury, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and nitrate nickel, which were all of analytical pure grade chemical reagents

and from professional chemical reagents manufacturers. This reagent product is a kind of mixed solution, in which the required ingredients are obtained though chemical reaction between mercury and nitric acid, with mercury and sulfuric acid in a beaker (at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure).

(3) Main Production Process

The main production process as shown in the following figure:


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